What we do
What we can offer...
There are just a few ways we can help your business grow and increase it's standing within the local economy.
We'll work with you to help clearly define your business development objectives, before formulating the best strategy to help you achieve them.
  1. Business Analysis
    Reviewing your business and it's practices will show areas where you can expand to or retract from, this will strengthen your core vlaues and take your business forward
  2. Learning new things
    As they say 'Every day is a school day', there are always new things we need to learn to take our business to the next level. We create bespoke training programs to improve your team's knowledge to set your business apart from your competitors
  3. It's who you know
    A big part of getting your business off the ground and securing new clients is speaking to others, Ben is often seen at the many events around the city building new relationships with other entrepreneurs and helping connect people, strengthening the local small business eco system
  4. Process Mapping
    How do you do your job? Can someone else step into your shoes if you are not able to work? We can help you with creating process maps of all your jobs so future employees can be quickly and efficiently brought up to speed with how you run your business your way
  5. Business Growth Plans
    If you stand still you will in fact go backwards, as your competitors will continue to move forward. We'll work with you to put a robust growth plan in place to help extend your reach and find new customers
  6. Business Analytics
    Customer and product data is the most valuable asset your business has, working to a list of your needs we can analyse your data to help build new marketing programmes which will in turn increase your revenue
  7. Business Set Up
    We work with all parties to identify opportunities and risks then deliver innovative strategies to achieve your goals
  8. Partner Services
    Working with various partners we can offer an extended range of services from payroll and accountancy to photography, design work, social media assistance, retail visual merchendising and window displays
  9. Bespoke requirements
    As each clients needs are different we work with you to create a business growth plan that is unique to your needs