Nottingham Retailer Forum

Nottingham is a vibrant city with many pockets of indie shops, cafes and restaurants.

There are, however, things that could be done to improve the city and footfall, I have been asked by the CQ to collate feedback from as many small businesses that run from East to West across the city.

This information will form the basis of a series of workshops that will then go towards putting a plan together to help in the areas the indie businesses on the Derby Road to Sneinton Market route have identifies as issues for them.

Please fill in the form below, once I have enough submissions I will be in touch to start the workshops.

Thanks in advance.
Are there any external issues that are causing disruptions to your business?
Are there any hurdles that are currently facing that you need help with to run your business?
Business Name
Do you have any suggestions on either of the above to improve your current situation?
Any other comments, use this for any ideas / suggestions that could help with improving the high street in Nottingham City Centre.